Bowden Law, PLLC June 28, 2021

Defense in Macomb County

If you have been arrested for any Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offense in Macomb County, Michigan as the result of a breath or blood test, come to my firm. I can help you understand the test flaws and methods for challenging these chemical tests. Whether you have been charged for the first offense or a felony OWI, you may have a strong defense that can protect your freedom and your license.

At Bowden Law, PLLC, we know how the tests work and we can use this knowledge to evaluate the facts of your case. Contact my firm to benefit from the dedicated and strong defense offered by the Macomb County criminal defense lawyer!

Contesting Your OWI Charge

If your blood or breath test has come back positive, I can assess the facts of your case to determine whether error or negligence by the police is an element of your case. A thorough evaluation of the tests can determine whether they were inaccurately given and whether the instruments were properly calibrated.

I can use my experiences and skills to determine:

Whether the equipment is in appropriate working condition

Amount of time elapsed between the arrest and administration of tests

Whether the test administrator was given proper training

Whether any factors (such as medical conditions) interfered with results

My firm can protect your constitutional rights, so contact my firm today!

Implied Consent in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, implied consent law requires you to give your consent to take a breath or blood test when suspected of operating a vehicle while intoxicated if you are driving within the state. Although you have the legal right to not submit to the test, penalties will result. By refusing to submit, you will accrue six points on your driving record.

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