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Have you been arrested for breaking and entering in Macomb County or Oakland County? Under Michigan law, breaking and entering is when someone enters a residence or other private property without consent, using a small amount of force. Legally, simply pushing a door open could constitute a small amount of force. Breaking and entering is a complex criminal offense because it could be considered a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the intent of the defendant. The gravity of these charges is nothing to be taken lightly.

Michigan has stiff penalties for this type of theft and they are harsh and unforgiving towards alleged offenders. If you are being accused of breaking and entering, speak with a Macomb County criminal defense attorney from my firm as soon as possible.

Penalties for Breaking and Entering in Michigan

According to the Michigan Penal Code Chapter 750 Act 328, you are guilty of a misdemeanor crime if you break into a house, factory, store, warehouse, hotel, or any other type of dwelling without authorization. It does not matter if the structure was occupied or not at the time of the crime. Your intent and actions once you break into the building will determine how severe your sentence is and whether or not it will be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor.

If you commit a breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony crime once your inside, then it is considered to be burglary. This felony crime is punishable for up to 10 years in prison. If there is no "breaking" and you simply enter the building with the intent to commit a felony crime, then you could face a five year prison sentence as well as a fine of $2,500. If the defendant approaches an outdoor platform with the intent to commit larceny, then it is considered to be a misdemeanor crime which could lead to six months in prison along with a fine of $750.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Macomb County & Oakland County

Looking for a lawyer for breaking and entering in Macomb County? As you can see, there are severe penalties associates with breaking and entering charge. Here at Bowden Law, PLLC, I understand the gravity of your situation, and I can provide you with the hard-hitting defense you need during this difficult time.

Every breaking and entering case is diverse due to the unique intentions of the defendant. That is why my firm offers custom legal representation that is tailored to meet your specific needs and best interests. I have years of experience practicing criminal defense law, and I have a proven track record of case victories under my belt. A strong defense begins now, not in the courtroom. If you are facing criminal prosecution for breaking and entering, then contact a Macomb County theft crime lawyer from my firm today for a free case evaluation!