Bowden Law, PLLC June 28, 2021

Hire a Macomb County DUI Attorney

Have you been arrested for an OWI in Macomb County or Oakland County? Many people are poorly mistaken when they believe that an OWI is simply a traffic violation. Unfortunately, that is not true- an OWI can negatively impact your reputation, your license and your driving record. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is considered to be a criminal offense that carries serious penalties. If you were arrested for drunk driving, the first thing that you should do is find an experienced Macomb County criminal defense attorney to fight your OWI charges. Here are some helpful steps to take after being charged with OWI.

  1. Seek Experienced Legal Counsel. The drunk driving laws in Michigan are complex and it is vital that you obtain a legal advocate who understands the nature of criminal law and the science behind chemical breath and blood testing and BAC levels. If you hire a lawyer who knows what they are doing and has prior experience with cases of this nature, then you will be in a much better position than someone going into court unprotected, planning to represent themselves. I, Attorney Bowden, am specially trained to deal with OWI cases and I know how to handle the DMV and the court officials.

  2. Be Aware of Your Rights. I also remind and encourage my clients to exercise their rights- the most important one being the right to remain silent. If you have been taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence, then you are not legally obligated to respond during questioning. As the defendant you have the right to request an attorney and to have them present with you during that time. It is been to avoiding admitting guilt at all costs. If you admit to drinking before driving is like pleading guilty because sometimes people are arrested even if they are below the legal limit. Don't give law enforcement officials any additional probable cause, it is always best to remain silent in order to avoid making any incriminating statements.

  3. Be Sure to Appear on Your Given Court Date. By missing your appointed court date, you could get yourself into further trouble. Typically your court date will be scheduled approximately 30 days after your arrest. It is important that you show up for your court date on time in order to evade any further consequences. Remember you are already facing criminal charges and possible driver's license suspension.

  4. Carry Out the Terms of Your Punishment. In the event that you are convicted of an OWI, then it is important that you abide by the terms of your sentence and fulfill all requirements pertaining to your punishment. The reason for this is so that you can move past the whole ordeal without any additional penalties. The more you comply the easier it will be to have your driver's license restored in the future. OWI penalties will depend upon the severity of your defense, but you may be required to pay a fine, take classes, serve jail time, have your license revoked and serve out a probationary period.

  5. Get Proper DUI Auto Insurance. Once you have an OWI conviction on your record, there is a possibility that your policy with your current insurance provider will be terminated. Most states require you to fill out and file an SR-22 form which acts as proof of insurance. If your insurance policy ever lapses, your carrier can notify state licensing authorities and it could result in a suspension of your license. So be sure to carry proper insurance on the vehicle at all times.

  6. Fight to Get Your License Restored. Immediately after your OWI, you must request a DMV hearing. You only have a certain number of days to formally request this, otherwise, your license is automatically suspended. At this hearing, you will be able to try and convince the panel why your driving privileges should be preserved. Your Macomb County DUI lawyer can represent you at this hearing. If you are later convicted of OWI, your license will most likely be revoked for a certain period of time. After that time passes, you could be eligible to request a temporary or restricted driver's license. This is helpful so you drive yourself to and from work again, along with any alcohol treatment classes that you are required to attend.

OWI Defense in Macomb County, Michigan

Sometimes drivers have too much to drink without even realizing it and they get in their cars to drive home only to be pulled over by a law enforcement official. If you were pulled over and asked to perform several field sobriety tests or asked to submit to a chemical test let my firm conduct an investigation. I can analyze the events leading up to your arrest and search for any officer misconduct or check to see if they deviated at all from proper protocol. Whether or not you pass the field sobriety tests, law enforcement officials have the right to arrest you if they have probable cause to believe you are under the influence.

If you were accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, then it would be wise to take swift legal action. Here at Bowden Law, PLLC, I can fight to save your license and restore your right to drive. Not only will I provide an aggressive defense but I will also fight to keep you out of jail. Contact a Macomb County DUI attorney from my firm today to schedule a free case evaluation!